Base Weapons

In Warlands, characters are minted with three base weapons, each with comparable damage. As characters level up, progressing to a maximum level of 3, they unlock one base weapon per level. For example, at level 1, a character may unlock a sword, at level 2, a bow, and at level 3, a staff.

The 3 Base Weapons are

  • Sword: This weapon class is typically used for close combat and has high damage output. It may have a slower attack speed compared to other weapon classes and may require more strength to wield effectively. It may also have a higher chance of stunning opponents.

  • Bow and Arrow: This weapon class is used for long-range combat and allows the user to attack from a distance. It may have lower damage output compared to the sword, but it can be used to target specific areas on the opponent's body. It may require more dexterity and skill to use effectively.

  • Magical Staff: This weapon class uses magic to cast spells and attack opponents. It may have lower damage output compared to the sword and bow and arrow, but it can be used to attack multiple opponents at once or to apply status effects. It may require more intelligence and mana to use effectively.

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