We propose 3 advertising models aimed at the sustainability of the game so as not to depend solely on the outgoing and incoming capital of investors and players. This advertising will be totally non-intrusive, which will be optional for subscribers but for free players, more reiterative.

  • Traditional: Non-intrusive advertising model based on video rewards and interstitials (as we see in mobile game rewards). In this way, future players without a battle pass can contribute to the economy by viewing ads.

  • Immersive: It can be considered as a conventional advertising model, but integrated within the game itself in the form of items or banners, among others.

  • Customised: In view of a metaverse, an exclusive advertising model is created, in which brands can have their Lands customised, lands that will appear in the games and hundreds of players will be able to see, 100% integrated with the environment, the theme and the game.

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