Competitive media clan systems

Clans and their popularity will have a very relevant position. We have proposed a system for selling tickets to team spectators, through which we not only offer shows in the Metaverse, but this will also have an impact on streaming broadcasts. And the most interesting thing is that spectators will receive rewards based on whether their team achieves victory or not.

Warlands is going to take competitive eSport to another level with power and gameplay focused on Guilds among other things it will mainly allow:

  • High level competitive tournaments, where selling tickets to spectators for tournaments where the team will be part of the ticket collection and the total team, where the pool will be distributed to teams and viewers of the winning team depending on the result.

  • Clans will have popularity points where not only the best clans will be rewarded at the end of the season, but also those clans that have a lot of followers.

For more details on Guilds -> Guilds and Stadium

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