Dynamic scholarship system

On the one hand, we offer the first dynamic scholarship system in the ecosystem, with an in-game section where players can rent and apply for scholarships, easy, agile and without the need to share QRs or reset codes.

The scholarship holder will have a simple administration panel in the game itself where he/she will define the % of scholarship, the days of scholarship, the minimum daily objectives and will be able to see the stats of the players who apply for their characters.

The automated scholarship system guarantees automatic payment to both parties, thus offering security to both parties.


X warlands Nfts can be listed at a time by a owner depending upon the profile level


Rewards, including token and Ingame currency , will be given or added to the scholar and owner at the end of the lending term, not after every match.


Owner Lists the Nfts: The owner selects a card and sets the terms, including the number of days for lending, rewards for the scholar, required minimum matches, and tickets to be earned.

Card Displayed on Scholar Page - The listed card is displayed on the scholarship marketplace

Scholar Sends a Request: A scholar interested in borrowing the Nfts sends a request.

Owner Review and Approval: The owner reviews the scholar's stats and approves the request. Upon approval, the blockchain is triggered, and the Nfts locked for the specified duration (X days).


In this phase, the scholar plays more than the minimum matches required daily during the lending period.

  • End of Contract: At the end of the contract, the rewards in INGAME currency for all matches played are transferred to both the scholar (according to terms), with a 5% fee deducted from each scholar's INGAME currency. Any remaining tickets go to the owner.

  • Card Unlock: The Nfts is automatically unlocked and returned to the owner.

CASE 1: Minimum Matches Not Played

This scenario occurs when the scholar doesn't play the required minimum number of matches during the contract.

  • End of Xth Day: On the end of any Xth day where the total number of matches played is less than the required minimum matches for X days:

  • Rewards Distribution: If any INGAME currency was earned by the scholar during the contract, the specified percentage of the contract amount goes to the owner with a 5% fee deducted as in the normal case. On the remaining amount, a fee of 50% is deducted, and the remaining is sent to the scholar.

  • Card Re-Listing: The card is listed back on the scholar page and removed from the scholar's possession but remains locked.

Modifying Listing

  • Owners can modify the listing on the marketplace, except for the days (only the remaining days will be displayed).

  • Changes can be made to the reward, minimum matches, tickets, etc.

  • Another scholar can request to rent the card following the same flow.

Unlock/Unlist Fees

  • Normal fees apply at the end of the contract if it ends as planned (5% from both in INGAME currency).

  • If minimum matches are not played, and the scholar has some INGAME currency, a percentage is transferred to the owner and the company.

  • If the scholar has no INGAME currency, no action is taken.

  • If the owner decides to unlist/unlock the card, fees (Relayer + company) need to be paid.

CASE 2: Early Card Return by Owner

The owner has the option to reclaim the card before the scheduled end of the contract, even if the scholar is playing properly. In this case, fees for unlocking/unlisting the card will apply:

  • Relayer fee

  • Company fee

  • INGAME currency, as determined by the contract percentage set, will be transferred to the scholar after deducting the 5% company fees.


  • Battlespasses sent to scholars will be returned to the owner for the matches that the scholar wins.

  • Any remaining battlespasses with the scholar at the end of the lending term will also be returned to the owner.

  • However, if a scholar loses battlespasses due to match losses, those lost battlespasses will not be returned to the owner.

Important Note: It is crucial for warlands nft owners to always check the player stats of scholars before lending their nfts to ensure a better understanding of the potential outcomes and risks associated with the lending. This allows owners to make informed decisions about lending their valuable nfts.

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