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What's Warlands?

Welcome to Warlands, a unique metaverse that combines MOBA and Battle Royale mechanics in a competitive format, where users strategically survive and conquer zones of the battlefield in 5v5 teams.
Fight, cooperate, and face off against other guilds within the ecosystem for the conquest of the kingdom and great rewards!
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Introducing the first competitive Battle Royale + MOBA NFT P2E (Play-to-Earn) game designed for eSports. Warlands is not your typical Battle Royale; it incorporates a new concept in gaming, combining blockchain technology with the competitive metaverse, featuring farming, strategy, and battle in our unique format: Warlands Royale.
We propose an accessible game for everyone, both through the F2P (Free-to-Play) formula and by adopting scholarships or character rentals for players where economic barriers hinder accessibility. In this way, Warlands offers everyone the opportunity to immediately start in the world of Play and Earn, and on the other hand, it also brings investors closer to the opportunity for interaction and adoption of the NFT gaming world into their portfolio.
  • Free2Play: A free-to-play game format where players play for fun, with rewards in the form of freeroll tickets, as well as the possibility of being selected by scholarship providers to play in the Play and Earn format.
  • Play and Earn: A sustainable economic model in which for one player to win, another must lose. It is based on ticket purchase models, similar to, for example, poker. This becomes a completely sustainable way to manage the game's economy while relying on a proven and functional competitive model.

Innovative PaE economic model

We propose a unique, scalable, and fair Play and Earn economic model. Below, we outline each of the proposals that encompass the economic proposal and the basic pillars that will support Warlands' economic model:
  • Game Entries: Each game match has an entry cost, which will be pooled into a prize pot for the winning team.
  • Commissions/Fees: These are the commission percentages applied to transactions, purchases, and sales, which will be distributed among token holders, liquidity pool, reward pool, and game maintenance.
  • Scholarships and Guilds: Through a minimum monthly subscription, users will have access to a minimum of scholarships (5 players) and clans (10 people). Depending on the needs for more scholars or clan members, subscription costs will increase, and commissions will decrease. This model is ideal for investors, organizations, or teams looking to expand their presence in our ecosystem.
  • Advertising: We propose 2 advertising models for a constant flow of capital income to the ecosystem: video-rewarded and interstitial ads (as seen in mobile games) and immersive advertising in-game elements such as Lands and customizations. The profits will be allocated to the game's sustainability, so it does not solely rely on the capital inflow and outflow from investors and players.
  • Monthly Memberships: A monthly subscription model necessary to obtain extra features such as Scholarships, Guild creation, early bidding, and exclusive content.
  • In-Game Shops: Internal shops that will exist within the game matches. In these shops, certain utilities can be purchased, which can be paid for with both in-game gold and the utility token.
  • Physical World Connection: The extension of Warlands' metaverse into the physical world through everyday objects we use, such as discounts at supermarkets, shopping tickets and cards for large retailers, food and dining with in-game currency, merchandising like T-shirts, hoodies, mugs, computer mousepads, or limited edition action figures.
We believe in empowering our players and providing them with economic opportunities. Discover the exciting world of Warlands and its proposal of gameplay.
Warlands: First remunerative Esport Competitive game
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