Economic commission model in Warlands.

We propose having a constant flow of liquidity towards the pool to maintain a healthy economy.

  • Fees for buying/selling on the Marketplace: Between 3% to 5%, of which 1% to 2% will go to liquidity.

  • Buy lootboxes: islands and chests

  • Monthly Membership Fees: Offering functionalities such as Scholarships, Early Bidding (for those who decide to sell their NFTs as pre-sales), Guild Creation, Exclusive Skins. 25% of what is obtained will be poured into the liquidity pool.

  • Guild Battle Fees: Clans that want to face each other in a duel will create a unique game with the agreed entry amount, where the winner takes it all. A 5% fee will be allocated, of which 1.25% will be poured into the liquidity pool.

  • Vault Fees for converting of Web2 assets to web3 assets

  • Nfts upgrade Fees for upgrading Heros/Mounts/Stadium Nfts

  • Scholarship/Hero Rental Fees: In Warlands, we propose a unique scholarship system. Users can put their heroes to fight in exchange for a % fee that they determine in the "scholarship contract" where they accept the users they want to sponsor. 10% of each scholarship/rental will be allocated, and 3% will be poured into the liquidity pool.

  • PvP Entry Fees: Of the 5% obtained from each entry, 1.25% will be poured into the liquidity pool.

  • Staking Early Claim Fees: 1.25% of the fees for early claims will be poured into the liquidity pool. If the claim is at 0%, nothing is deducted.

  • 15 Days Claim Free: Every 15 days, you can claim the tokens for free. (only every 15 days)

  • Video Rewarded and Interstitial Advertising Model: In order for the economy to not only rely on new investors, an advertising model is proposed (non-intrusive and based on video rewards, as seen in mobile game rewards).

  • Buying and Withdrawal of ingame currency or battles pass into Warlands Token

  • Buy boosters or time

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