๐ŸฆธHeroes and Mounts


When a player mints or purchases a character in Warlands, they can get any of the weapon classes randomly. For example, the user gets a random character X from a loot box that character X can randomly get any of 3 weapon class and 2 passive abilities Warlands heroes are unique characters, each equipped with:

- A base weapon type, defining their primary combat style, such as swords for melee or bows for ranged attacks.

- Warlands heroes come in four different rarities, purely cosmetic and not impacting gameplay mechanics.

- Heroes can be upgraded to a maximum of level 3, with each level unlocking a new set of base weapons and passive abilities.


In Warlands, mounts are more than mere companionsโ€”they're formidable allies with multiple benefits and abilities. These mystical creatures shape battle strategies, bolster combat prowess, and even aid in non-battle techniques like swift travel and support.

- Warlands mounts wield random abilities with cooldowns for strategic battle use.

- Three rarities purely affect mount appearance, not gameplay.

- Choose mounts wisely, timing abilities for maximum battlefield impact.

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