Phase 3

The Battle and Zone conquering

  • After landing on the ground, players will need to start searching for chests to find weapons. The chests will be scattered around the playable area and can contain a variety of weapons with different abilities

  • While searching for chests, players will also encounter monsters that they can kill to earn gold for their team. The gold is shared among all team members and can be used to buy new weapons or upgrade existing ones at the in-game match store.

  • During this phase, players can also start using the abilities of their mounts, which can help them navigate the map more quickly or provide an advantage in battles with monsters or opposing players.

  • Overall, Phase 3 is all about finding weapons, killing monsters, earning gold, and unlocking zones to gain an advantage over the other team. It requires players to work together, communicate, and strategize to come out on top.

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