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We have created a genre that combines Battle Royale and MOBA mechanics, called Warlands Royale in a competitive framework ideal for the eSport world.

How Does the Game Work?

  • The objective is to conquer the maximum number of terrains or defeat the opposing team in 15 minutes.
  • You start on a battlefield divided into 6 different random zones each game (forest, desert, savannah, ice, lava, ruins).
  • All players start with no equipment. As the battle progresses, you gain weapons, items and bonuses that determine the outcome of the game.
  • The different monsters and bosses of each zone must be defeated to conquer that terrain.
  • Once conquered, the entire team gets a special power-up. Competitive gameplay, the more zones you conquer and enemies you defeat, the more rewards you get.
Pre Alpha V2 - Gameplay


The following sections are intended as a guide to help you understand the different parts of Warlands and how our unique mechanics integrate with the NFT world to develop the "Play 2 earn" model.
The battle can be divided into 3 key moments which are detailed below for an understanding of each of them and how they impact on the gameplay: