Q4 2023:

Implement NFT contracts

Pre-tech Showcase

Pre-tech Demo

Q1 2024:

Teaser release

Tech Demo for PC

Launch New Website

Whitelisting Old Users Nft

Q2 2024:

Presale 1(Binance, Polygon, Velas, Solana)

Mystery Box Airdrop

Warlands Trailer

Launch in the Asian market

Alpha Launch with multiplayer support

Q3 2024:

Warlands Marketplace

Presale 2 (+Ava)

Scholarship Program

Official Clan Battles

Beta Game Phase 1


Q4 2024:

Beta version PC

NFT Cross Chain Bridge

Warlands Marketplace

Vault system

Warlands Mobile Demo

Q1 2025:

Mobile Alpha

Warlands Tournament

VR Demo

F2P Marketplace

Q2 2025:

Beta Mobile Release

VR Alpha

Metaverse Phase 1

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