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A competitive remunerative model is proposed, where we focus on a healthy, stable environment that can be adjusted based on needs. These two variables should be taken into account:
  • Maximum Bonuses: Not all matches will be rewarded equally, as some matches will require more effort/difficulty than others, and based on a competitive scenario, they should be rewarded differently.
  • Winrate: Winrate, in addition to ELO, does not directly affect bonuses but does affect matchmaking, which directly impacts the difficulty of the match and its potential earnings.

Score/Bonus based on Maximum Rewards

We propose a model that rewards skill and strategy, this model represents a fair distribution for professional and competitive players.
The game model treats each battle as a unique experience, which is why it's not fair for all battles to be rewarded equally since the players' skills are an essential part of the gameplay performance.
For example: It would be unfair to compare a 2-minute long battle, in which only one zone is conquered, to a well-matched game that has ended in extra time due to a tie, with a duration of 22 minutes and 75% of the zones conquered by one team.
A score is set for each battle that will determine the amount to be won per battle. These points/objectives are valued according to:
  • Time/Duration of the battle.
  • Percentage of conquered zones.
  • Number of minions defeated by the team.
  • Enemies/Bosses defeated.
Will 100% of the tokens be distributed in each game?
No, it will depend on the outcome of the match. Moreover, in an optimal scenario with a good battle result, even more tokens could be obtained thanks to extra bonuses.
What happens to tokens that are not distributed among players?
These tokens will be directly added to the rewards pool, so once again, we provide a preventive measure that benefits all players and the economic health of the ecosystem.