2. Mounts

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Mounts are used during battle to gain bonuses and abilities. They are the perfect companion for battle, combining and breeding to create the perfect mount. Be sure to take care of your mount. They can be bought and sold at the market.
The use of these will give a competitive advantage, if the user runs out of storage or the Mounts are unavailable due to rest or penalty, the player will not gain any advantage in the game.

Mounts Rarity

It determines the uniqueness and level of the Mounts, as well as how many advantages each one can have. Rarity is important for the genetics of offspring and their combinations:
  • Common
  • Rare
  • Legendary
  • Mystic

Abilities or Advantages

There are intrinsic abilities in the genetics of each mount, how you combine them will be very important to get the perfect ally on the battlefield:
  • Passive Bonuses: These are automatic. All characters who have passive bonuses will get this benefit. Below is a sample list:
    • Luck: The character gets a higher chance of getting better items while playing.
    • Tokens: The player gets extra tokens based on a fixed % of the total tokens generated, these will be added to the final reward.
    • Trophies: The whole team gets an extra amount of trophies based on a fixed % of the total amount of trophies generated.
  • Zone Bonuses: These are automatic, all characters that have zone bonuses will get an extra benefit when fighting in a certain zone. Below is a sample list:
    • Zone bonuses (forest, desert, savannah, ice, lava, ruins).
    • Sometimes, when players are in one of the zone bonuses, some of their basic attributes (attack, life, speed, defence) will be increased by a fixed%.
  • Special abilities: These have only one use during the game and are therefore very powerful. Below is a sample list:
    • Extra life: the character will revive.
    • Healing zone: All equipment in the zone will be healed.
    • Last breath: Immortality for 30 seconds.
How to get better mounts?
With the breeding system, different mounts can be combined to obtain impressive breeds. There are many uses for it, such as improving the economy or making profit in the marketplace. Take a look at the Breeding page Breeding Page.
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