1. Heros

The NFT characters in Warlands are the warriors in charge of conquering the battlefield zones, and using them strategically will be key to achieving victory.

Attributes, rarities and skills

The characters in Warlands are unique and have their own characteristics. During the evolution of the game, new characters and races yet to be discovered will be added.
  • Basic attributes: the 4 pillars of heroes that determine combat style and strategy:
    • Attack
    • Life
    • Speed
    • Defence
  • Rarity: Determines the exclusivity of characters and how many items of that type can be equipped during the Battle (all players can equip at least 1 of each, the more items of "x" rarity in the inventory, the more items that can be equipped). Lands will play an important role in determining the number of assets available:
    • Common
    • Rare
    • Legendary
    • Mystic
  • Passive Abilities: All heroes have at least 1 passive ability, the following list is an example, once the testing phase is determined they will be added to this section:
    • Improved Critical
    • Invisibility
    • Healing
    • Lucky
    • Super Defence
    • Sprint / Super Speed
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