3. Lands

Guild lands are virtual spaces where users can store their characters and mounts. As well as being customisable in-game spaces, they provide the power to grow your guild!
The customized immersive advertising model presented by Warlands will allow the owners of these LANDS to be rewarded every time an advertising element appears randomly on their lands. Take advantage of the opportunity, LANDS are a scarce asset of which only 2750 units exist.
What is the maximum storage size in a Land?
A Land can store up to 5 heroes and 3 pets on each Land, so you can have in reserve 5 heroes + staking heroes + 3 mounts (remember to leave space if you're going to breed).
What is the maximum size of heroes in staking per Land?
Each Land allows you to stake a maximum of 3 heroes.
What happens if I have for example 9 heroes but only 1 land?
These heroes would be left as a reserve, with no active use for the hero. This is why lands play an important role in the evolution of Warlands.
What happens if a user runs out of storage space?
If users run out of storage space, they will not be able to use their characters or mounts in the game, although they will be able to trade their NFTs in the marketplace, although the in-game benefits will be lost.
Is it possible to buy/sell a LAND?
Yes, once the marketplace is active and fully operational with character and mount trading, lands can be bought or sold on the marketplace. In the meantime, they can only be acquired through chests

Number of heroes in the team

As we know, the size of heroes and their different rarities are going to represent a very important part of both reward and matchmaking in the game. Below we detail in detail how the possession of characters and their rarities affect the game:
  • Heroes: Heroes can only equip 1 item of each rarity in the game.
    • All players can equip only 1 item of each rarity (that means you can't have 2 epic items).
    • Depending on the rarity (rare/epic/legendary/mystical) users can equip as many items of that rarity during the game +1.
  • Mounts: The perfect space for a couple and an egg for BREEDING. Each guild can only have 3 pets. That means you will need 1 pet zone available for breeding.
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