2. Farming

The Farming functionality is designed for the maintenance and breeding of mounts. Each LAND has 3 slots to store 3 mounts (free ones only have 1).
Mounts must be taken care of daily to complete each mount's energy and have it available for battle.
Additionally, with each feeding and rest, mounts will generate rewards (this way, excess mounts can also be profitable for larger accounts). In upcoming updates, we will incorporate more benefits and utilities of Farming.

Mounts Energy

After each battle your mount loses 1 energy point and must feed/sleep to regain its health and stamina. The cost of each action is 1 energy point, whether it is resting, breeding or fighting. For example:
Your mounts before the battle had 10 energy points. After the game they will only have 9 energy points left, so it is advisable to start feeding them.

Time calculations: feeding mounts

The speed at which your mount recovers its energy is calculated per Rarity/Hour. This means that if you have a higher quality rare mount, it will recover its health faster compared to a lower rarity mount. To increase energy you will need to either rest or consume secondary items of different qualities, this will favour a higher energy recovery depending on the type of food, the stable you use for your mounts... etc.
  • These items are purchased in the in-game shop for mounts with in-game currency.
Farming FlowChart

Time calculations: rest of saddles

Every day, the mounts will have to rest, for this purpose they must be put to rest. The user selects the desired duration of rest and during those hours the mount will generate TOKENS in addition to resting.
  • Remember to always reserve 1 energy to send your mount to rest, if the mount fatigues by spending more than 10 energy points, this will generate a penalty of 24 hours without use.
  • If the total remaining rest time is less than 8 hours, the mount will recover energy points, but will not generate TOKENS.
  • During rest, the user will not be able to use the mounts in any way.
Every 7 days the saddle stall must be renewed to avoid stopping production.

Internal shop (specific for Farming)

We also present a token-burning model in which shop items are purchased solely through internal tokens. The Shop plays an important role in the maintenance of the stables and in the breeding and breeding processes of the mounts.
The more tokens burned, the more tokens the mounts will generate and the more profit the characters will make. In the farming shop, different items are bought for mounts and their energy increase, such as:
  • Food of different qualities.
  • Stables for storing and resting saddles.
The purchase of stables every seventh day is necessary to keep a mount healthy and rested, if not done, there is a 24 hour penalty for the mounts.
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