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NFTs Use Cases

The Warlands ecosystem has several types of NFTs: characters, mounts and guild lands as seen in the previous section. These NFTs are not only part of the gameplay, but also have different use cases within the metaverse.
How to get the different NFTs?
During the pre-sales there is the possibility to obtain them in different levels of NFT chests (silver, gold, diamond).
These chests contain a number of different characters and mounts that will help new players get started in Warlands.
How to obtain Lands?
Each new player will also get a guild land with a capacity of 1 character, 1 mount, 1 stake, where they can start playing and farming.
This is currently a limited item, so the only way to get them is by purchasing diamond chests.
Chests and special editions available (not real image Supply)
Heroes and mounts are two types of NFT that can be found in the Marketplace at a later date. Also within the metaverse:
  • Heroes are used to:
    • Battle
    • Staking
  • Mounts are used to:
    • Farming
    • Breed
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