1. Pre battle concepts

This section helps users understand the different parts of Warlands and how our unique Battle Royale mechanics integrate with NFTs to make it "Play 2 earn".
Next we will define the 3 game concepts needed to understand how we match teams and requirements before battle:
  • Battle entry: Each battle has an entry fee to play.
    • MatchMaking: There is a proprietary ELO + Algorithm that determines which opponents you will face, combining variables such as the number of pjs and their inventory rarities, for example.
  • Battle awards: Determines the matching algorithm.
  • Limits of use of mounts: Each mount has a limit of daily uses according to the energy points they possess (maximum 10).

Battle entry tickets

It's a simple concept: compete to win the overall prize for the whole team. Players pay $tokens to play, if you win the battle you increase the number of tokens, if you lose, you don't get your entry fee back. We have 2 types of PVP battles:
  • Zero cost tickets: Each player will have zero cost battle tickets, i.e. they can win but not lose TOKENS. These battles are limited to a number of games per day and have a maximum number of games (see ROI section for details). Once the battles are over, the character can still be used for normal entry battles.
  • Fixed cost entries: Each battle has an entry cost to play, the total prize money will be divided among all members of the winning team. For some players to win, others must fail, a simple but powerful concept for economic balance.
In each game players will have a cup/trophy system that determines the level of play and the cost of entry. The combination of these determines how much is paid/earned. At higher levels, the cost of entry will be higher but there will also be a higher profit.
As discussed in the economic model of commissions, each battle earns commissions of the total amount of the battle cost, which represents a fixed inflow of "x%"$TOKEN to the economy.
Example: if the ticket price is 50 $TOKEN, assuming that the fees are 10%, 5 $TOKENS automatically go to the game economy.

Battle rewards

Returns from battles depend on whether you lose or win, how many zones you conquer and how many kills you get.
Collaborative play: It is important to note that each individual player will not be rewarded, all team members will receive the same reward equally distributed per battle, so it is really rewarding team play.
In the table below you can see an example of how ELO, earnings and entry costs could be distributed according to level (this is an example as the matchmaking algorithm will take into account more variables such as the number of PJs and their rarities in the inventory):

Energy Mount

The energy of each mount will condition the battle, as it will depend on whether it can be used or not. Each mount has 10 energy points, which can be used for battles, farming and sleeping:
  • Battle: the use of mounts in the match will reduce 1 point per game.
  • Farming: is another way to generate economy (detailed on the Faming page).
  • Sleeping: Each mount must rest for the next battle, this will result in the recovery of all Energy points.
Rest is necessary: This action costs 1 point, if the mount does not sleep and has used up all its energy, your mounts will be disabled after 24 hours.
What happens if we don't have a mount available to play with?
The player will be able to play in the same way, but will not have the upgrades that mounts provide for such battles.
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