2. In battle concepts

Survive and Conquer

The gameplay of Warlands combines Battle Royale and Moba concepts in order to offer unique gameplay. Players will have to fight, search for items and conquer areas to take over the battle. We don't believe in the last man standing, that's why Warlands players must work as a team in a randomised scenario in every game.
Team play is rewarded: No player receives extra bonuses for casualty streaks or for conquering more zones during the game, all players share equally in the spoils at the end of the game.

Starting of the battle

Everyone starts the battle by descending onto the battlefield, with no equipment to fight in. Discover the loots quickly and get loot!
The winning team is the one that conquers the most areas within the 15 minute time limit or defeats the opposing team. All players land on the desired location by flying around the map with their mounts - quickly! You have 10 seconds to control your dragons completely and decide the drop zone.
What happens if there is no mount/it is not available?
The player may still play the game but may not profit from his mounts.

Lose/Leave game

If you fall during the battle you get nothing, try your luck again in the next game!
What happens if I am eliminated during the game?
NThere is no reward of any kind, and if the rest of the team finishes and wins the battle, they alone will share equally in the spoils.
Last chance: Some mounts have the special power of resurrection, which can only be used once during the game. They are strange creatures but if your mount is good enough, you might be revived once.


The winning team is decided at the end of 15 minutes of play, the team that conquers the most zones or the team that manages to defeat the other team wins:
  • Conquer different zones: The game has different zones with a unique set of monsters - go for it! Defeating the main monster will make you the owner of that zone and give you and your entire team a new ability.
  • Orbs: Collecting the orbs dropped by each main monster represents that you have conquered that area, as well as increasing your chances of winning and also increasing the number of tokens you get at the end of each game.
    • The orbs will be dropped when the player holding them dies, and can then be picked up by any other player in the game. At the end of the game, a ratio will be drawn to see which team has the most orbs and for how long.
Watch out for the sounds: when a player obtains an Orb/Conquer a zone, a peculiar sound will be heard to identify that the opponent completed this action.


When the teams finish the 15 minutes if the battle has not been resolved, an extra 10 minutes will be added with 100% of their stats to increase their power and try to conquer more zones or defeat the opposing team.

Special attacks

Warlands features highly frenetic and strategic gameplay. Gain unique powers to conquer the game:
  • Zone Powers: Each time a zone is conquered, the team receives a new special ability from the zone's element.
  • Casualty streaks: When you defeat a zone boss or eliminate a player from the opposing team, you gain a single-use consumable attack that can be used at any time during the battle.
What happens if a player on a losing streak dies?
Spells cannot be consumed by other players, so the team and player will lose the opportunity to use them.

Equipment restrictions

The assets each player has in their inventory determine both their starting level and their limitations in the game. Normally, each user can only equip 1 item out of 4 available rarities (except for the normal rarity, which can equip as many as they wish). To increase the proportion of rarity items equipped, players must have heroes of that rarity.
  • Depending on the rarity (rare / epic / legendary / mystical), users can equip that amount of that rarity item during the game +1.
Explanation of equivalencies: The first number represents the minimum number of items needed to be able to equip 1 item of that type during battle.
  • Example of MYSTIC 5:1 = Every 5 mystic characters you can equip 1 extra mystic type item during the game.